Courses and full education

The Qualification course to become a  ICPBC Bitfit Consultant

The International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants educates horse professionals about the influence of the bit on the horses body but also the other way around.  What is happening in the horses biomechanics will always show on the bit. 


Bitfitting : Bits are individually fitted in the horses mouth with the aim of obtaining as much comfort for the horse as possible. This is a fairly new profession for countries outside the Netherlands, but it is definitely upcoming. The ICPBC was the first full education worldwide combining knowledge of the horses biomechanics with the influences given by rein aids through the bit.  The ICPBC has an allround approach and is training horseprofessionals to understand how the bit can be their missing link in their profession. Everything is shown on the bit.

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This education takes place both online and in the barn, with flexible barn dates. The practical in barn portion is required to become registrated. If you are a veterinarian other options apply. Have a look at the veterinarian education.

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