The ICPBC is intended for people with a more than average interest in horses and bitfitting. Bitfitting can be an addition to various equine professions. Some examples below:

The behavioral trainer

When a horse feels uncomfortable, this can cause behavioral problems. To gain more insight into the bitrelated problems and the physical limitations and how those two affect each other is a must for the behavioral trainer. 

The juror

As a juror (especially in dressage) it is nice to know more about bits and going on the bit, to become a even more distinguished juror. The welfare of the horse must be paramount. Tack must be designed and fitted to avoid the risk of pain and injury (Code of conduct for the welfare of the horse FEI) But when is the tack giving pain to the horse? If a bit doesn't fit there is a risk of pain and injury. More knowledge about bits but also about the bridle fitting is the base of this course. How can we create more welfare for our horses?

The riding instructor

The horse riding instructor is likely to get the most questions about bits and bridles by there students. Is my bit okay? What about the size? Can i start with double bridle? Are my two bits suitable for my horse. With the ICPBC you will gain insight into which bits are suitable for which horse, but also how does the hand of the rider influences the bit? Learn to destinguish between technical riding problems and bitrelated problems. If you can choose the correct bit for your students horse they will make bigger progress.

The rider

As a rider you can feel the difference between the different bits. This wil help to make a choice for the most appropriate bit. If you are a professional rider and you have a lot of horses to ride. Wouldn't it be easy to know which bit will help you to make your horse the most comfortable?

The saddlefitter

If you are a saddlefitter, you know bit and saddle go together like horse and carriage. After finishing the ICPBC you know when it is not the saddle but the bit that makes the horse not use its back. A lot of information about the biomechanics and the influence of the tack is in this college course.

The dentist

Well maintained teeth and a well fitted bit are as one. The one cant exist without the other. 

The bitadvisor

Already working with bits? More knowledge gives better advice. The ICPBC is not connected tot a bitproducing brand and is independent. The pro- and disadvantages of any model of bit can be discussed. The most common mistakes in bitfitting and advising will be discussed many times and in practice you will see and feel the differences.

The medical professional

An incorrect bit can tighten the horse in its whole body. The body can not move as intended when there is discomfort in the mouth. Untill recently there was only little experience with bitfitting. Now there is a lot more. How about assessing tongueproblems. One module is all about tongueproblems and the possible causes and solutions.