Natascha van Eijk has done much pioneering work whereby she has solved various bitfit problems for clients both inside and outside the Netherlands. When she started her business as a bitfit consultant under the name Bitsymmetrie there was no full education on bitfitting yet. She started her bitting adventure after many years working as a horse bodyworker. Her interest in osteopathy and cranio sacral therapy and everything else that has to do with horses welfare brought her to join a two day bitfitting course organized by a distributor of a certain brand of bits. It goes without saying that there is never one brand of bits that suits every horse. Natascha therefore gained further knowledge from studies done about bits, osteopatic and cranio sacral insights and most of all by bitfitting horses in combination with small manipulations, cranio sacral technics and muscle therapy. This is how she solved a lot of tongue problems and other bitting issues. The bits she uses are from all kinds of brands. Oftentimes issues can be solved using bits already available in the stable, as long as they do fit the horse! The ICPBC is the only college offering a complete independent course on bitfitting. Horses welfare is central to the ICPBC's mission. Natascha van Eijk has combined her practical experience in the treatment of horses (horsesymmetry methode, muscle techniques, Jack Meagher, dry needling, cranio-sacral therapy and other osteopathic and manual techniques) with bitfitting so that a consult that is more than just looking at bits. Among her clients are many national and international riders.  Bitfitting from a whole body approach is what she and the ICPBC stands for. She is thrilled to share her knowledge about bitfitting around the world!