The college year covers the anatomy of the horse with emphasis on the horses head, mouth, TMJ and hyoid, common dental pathologies, assessing the horse as a whole, assessing the mouth, bitfitting: pro's and cons of different shapes and kinds of bits, biomechanics of the horse, compensations patterns. Tongue problems and other bit and body related issues, bridle fitting, osteopatic insights and more.


Each module has a practical and theoretical part. There will be a lot of hands on work and especially the more difficult cases will be focussed on like fitting double bridle, wound prevention and tongue issues.

The contents of our program vary with each class to meet the changing needs of students working in practice. If there are mostly fysiotherapist attending, the content will have extra focus on hyoid release technics to solve tongue problems. If the group has a lot of saddlefitters more information is given about saddles and the link with bitfitting. 

Most course participants heard about the program from lectures and bitfittings, international articles, the internet, ICPBC magazine but most of all from living testimonials .