The program

When following all the modules the year covers the anatomy of the horse with emphasis on the horses head, mouth, tmj and hyoid, common dental pathologies, assessing the horse as a whole , assessing the mouth, bitfitting: pro's and cons of other shapes and kinds of bits, biomechanics of the horse, compensation patterns, tongue problems and other bit and body related issues, bridle fitting, osteopathic insights and more.

We have designed our online modules to help you achieve your goals. We use video material, study cases that will lead you through the anatomy and will prepare you well in the practical bit fitting modules.

Module 1 (Online)

 The casestudy: Horse with extreem salivating, sucking on the bit, extreme pulling up of the nose.

  • Introduction in bitfit consult
  • Anatomy of the head
  • Salivation and bitmaterial
  • Checking the horses mouth
  • And more..

Enrollment march 2017. 

Module 2 (online)

 The casestudy: Higher level dressage horse with tongue-problem.

  • Anatomy of the hyoid
  • Assessing tongproblems
  • The involvement of bits on a tongproblem
  • Posture or conformation
  • And more...

Module 3/4 (practical) 4days

Several casestudies: How to fit a horses bit.

  • Bitfit Consult on location
  • Checking the horses mouth
  • Differences between the sorts of bits
  • Checking of the horse body in relation to the bit
  • Bitfitting double bridle
  • Bridlefitting
  • Hyoid release techniques 
  • Dentistry

Module 5 (Online)

Head an neck pathology, dentistry,saddlery and riding

  • Bit related study cases from the veterinary point of view
  • Bit related study cases from the point of view of an equine dentist
  • Bit related study cases combined with saddle issues
  • Bit related study cases with riding methodes
  • And more

Module 6 (Online)

 The casestudy: High level dressage horse doesn't accept the bit anymore 

  • TMJ (fascea trains)
  • CT scans, X rays, Lig.nuchae scans
  • Video of operation
  • The bits used in rehabilitation
  • And more....

Module 7 (online and practical)

Preparation for the exam: 

  • Feedback on your own casestudy
  • All you need to know
  • Repetition of the practical module
  • Examination date
  • And more....