Flyers and course catalogs and more

In this part you can find all our course catalogs per country but also flyers and articles to download.  With News, the ICPBC Magazines and the register of qualified we try to promote our students the best we can! We really want to make sure people don't just want any bitfitter or someone that has done a short course. We want people to choose for ICPBC registrated because of the professionalism. If  you are a student and need some help with a flyer or anything let us know!

Course catalogs per country

The Netherlands


We try to go to Australia in the year of 2020, either around April or the end of 2020. So if you are from Australia and don't want to travel to the Netherlands for the practical modules, use this course catalog and registration form for your information and please help us get more known in Australia with downloading our Australia flyers and share them on your social media :) It is really appreciated and it will help to make the travelling more for your convenience.

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Registration form.
Registration Australia.pdf
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May 2020 we are going to Poland. On request the course is in two parts, without an online part. So two times hands on. This course catalog is therefore a bit different. 

Poland Course catalog.pdf
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