Episodes about anatomy and more...

The first courses soon to start: Level 1: the 5 points/ parts of compensation.

Level 1recognising problems in the pelvic 

The education to become an ICPBC professional Bitfit consultant is only open to horse professionals and unfortunately Covid makes the practical parts unavailable right now.  We strongly believe bitfit consulting is not learned online.  


This doesn't mean we are doing nothing. Since the founder of the education Natascha Van Eijk is also well known for her bodywork on horses, anatomical instruction and rehabilitation, she has a lot more information to share.


A lot of contact issues and behavioural problems she sees during her work are related to lack of knowledge about anatomy. Every horse is different. We can find a lot of trainers and a lot of training styles telling you how to ride your horse. But what if that system doesn't work on your horse. The tendency is to adjust the horse to a trainings system. What about adjusting training to your horse?


When we want to do that, we need to know what makes our horse special. What are his strong points and what are his weaknesses? An exercise should improve your horses movements. If not, you need to change the exercise. If you have no background in anatomy and have no clue how your horse is compensating you can have quite some struggle getting your horse responding the way you would like. Most of the time an instructor is repeating what works for most horses, but do you recognise that voice inside your head saying: this doesn't feel right. And you are right!


Want to know why? Interested? 


That's why offer several programs under the name Natascha van Eijk education in different levels: anatomy made simple, starting with level 1, the most important one. Level 1courses will make you look different at horses, especially your own horse. This can be done online quite easy. We work with great visuals and video's.


There is a say: You can't expect a blind man to see. Well we like to give you some eyes 😊 Our goal is to improve Horses welfare!


Let's change the way you look at horses and let's start training the horse in a way he doesn't end up as Horse wastage!


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