At the request of many, to get a feel with the interesting work of ICPBC bitfit consulting we proudly present:

Online course: Improve your connection on the bit: horse owner course

We present an online full year learning journey. This will help you to develop a completely different way at looking at your horses tack, bits, connection and you get a good glimpse off the many, many things that can influences the connection on the bit.  


This online journey will make you a horse owner that knows more about the horses anatomy, bridle fitting, bit basics  and also knows how to recognize tension on the horses head, jaws, back muscles, and some compensation patterns. 

The online course is not set up as most online trainings. We decided to go for a interactive learning journey with modules, video's, worksheets, but also questionary's, progress sheets and discussion possibility with fellow students and possibility's to send in video's. This will make it more like really following a class and getting to know a couple of fellow students. For those of you that are professionals in the horse industry and would like to become a professional bitfit consultant, following this course will give you a discount on the full course and can be seen as the introduction.