ICPBC online journey:

about Contact problems, bitting and bridle issues

  • Struggling with your horse's contact when you ride?
  • Is your horse behind or above the bit?
  • Is it impossible to keep your horse in an even rein contact?
  • Is your horse tossing his head?
  • Is your horse showing discomfort on the bit or bridle?

Absolutely fundamental for the succes of your Dressage journey is 'CONTACT'

It is de way to communicate with your horse and the other way around. So what can cause problems in this contact and the horse on the bit? 

This online journey is designed by the internationally recognized bitfit consultant Natascha van Eijk, especially for horse lovers that want to improve the connection with the bit, solve contact problems, but also want to know more about the biomechanics of the horse.

This is not the usual online course

It is an online journey through many causes of contact problems set up with:


Clear and detailed video's help you understand the many causes of connection on the bit problems.


Active support

Ask your questions whenever you want and get feedback on your pictures and video's.


This Online journey is not just sending, you can also discuss about topics with Natascha and other students.

Full year acces

Revisit the modules during the year or take your time on the subjects. After one year you can always extend.

Printable Handouts

Because a lot of us just like paper to write on and make notes. And it is easy to bring to your horse.



Not only to ask but also to answer. After each module you can do a question and answer test about the subject.

Mobile acces

 Learn anywhere you want we made it easy to use the online environment on a smartphone as well. 

If you like to dive in to the anatomy of the horse, bridle fitting, bit basics, biomechanics and training, all from a bitfit consultants point of view, this is the course you need. Get an introduction in bit and bridle fitting and learn about the effects on the bit and the horses body.

This course is for everyone interested. But if you are a professional and like te start with the education to become a bitfit consultant let us know. We have a adjusted online for you! Because this one doesn't give you the registrated title ICPBC bitfit consultant.