Welcome to the International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants.

The International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants focuses on educating horse professionals about the influence of the bit on the horses body and the other way around. Bits are fitted in the horse mouth with the aim of obtaining as much comfort for the horse as possible. The profession of Bitfit Consultants:  is a fairly new profession for countries outside of the Netherlands. 


What happens during a bit fitting session? In the same way as we are used to mobile saddle fitting services, where a saddle is customized to your horse an ICPBC Bitfit Consultant  / Bitfitter is customizes your bridle and bit by looking at the whole picture: so the individual horse's mouth, the biomechanics of the horse, the rider etc  with the aim to make the horse more comfortable. Severe contact problems mostly have multiple causes and an ICPBC bitfit consultant knows how to direct you to a veterinarian, dentist, physiotherapist etc, when needed, so the right people can work together to improve the connection to the bit.


The head of the horse and especially the structures attached to the horses tongue are much overlooked when it comes to the influence of the horse's posture and biomechanics. A well fitted bit can improve your horse's movement.


Learn all you need to know about bit's bridles and their influence on the horses body and biomechanics.

The founder of this program Natascha van Eijk has been at the forefront of bitfitting in the Netherlands. Top class riders, who use a bitfit consultant,  (see also Bitsymmetrie on Facebook) notice enormous differences in the performance of their horses. Hind legs that moved more freely under the body, better use of the body, more relaxation in the mouth. Hundreds of horses have been bitfitted by the founder and with more experience more puzzles were solved. Unique in her approach is the combination between bit fitting a horse and using her unique symmetry method (osteopathic manipulations, Jack Meagher massage, dry needling and cranio sacral therapy). The knowledge found in combining all these techniques and her experience is shared at the ICPBC

The ICPBC is the only College where years of bitfitting  knowledge is combined with the physical treatments of horses

The ICPBC teaches you about bitfitting from a whole body approach. The entire course takes  a year. A professional ICPBC bitfit consultant knows more than only the basics of the anatomy of the horse's mouth: the consultant also  knows about the biomechanics of the horse, has relevant osteopathic and muscle therapy insights and knows the pro and cons of all sort of bits used in various disciplines.

The full College program is for horse professionals only (read more about this in: for whom) but the online introduction to contact problems  is for anybody that is interested. 

You can read more about the online introduction here:


Since a lot of countries don't know the profession of bitfit consulting yet, the ICPBC also has several introduction modules planned in Europe and other places in the world. These modules can be made by request for certain professions for example: veterinarians, fysiotherapist, saddle fitters, riders etc.