The ICPBC and the concept of Bitfit Consulting would have not so expansively grown without all the media that helped to spread the knowledge.  Therefore we are very thankful! BIT Magazine NL , CAP Magazine EU, Dressuur Magazine NL, de Hoefslag NL, HQ Magazine ZA, Frysio Magazine NL and Horses and People Magazine AU. Some of the articles you see exposed here. Also from our students. 


Horse&business 2023

Sometimes it takes some time to finish all the exams for the ICPBC, especially when you have some years with corona in between. Marta Kulikowska joined in 2020 and will do her final practical exam in 2024. But since she is Polish and in Poland Bitfit Consulting is quite a new profession. She was asked for an article in Horse&Business in Polish. You can read the article here below.

Several articles Hoefslag 2023 and 2022

Dressuurmagazine 2020

Horses and People Magazine 2020

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