Bitfitting course

The International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants is not just a bitfitting education. Our ICPBC bitfit consultants are so much more than that. We train horse professionals to really have an all round view and solution on contact issues. Of course a part is about several types of bits, how they work and when to use them. But our approach is all about  the influence of the bit on the horses body and the other way around.  What is happening in the horses biomechanics will always show on the bit. 


Relevant osteopathic and muscle therapy insights will be taught. Therefore an ICPBC bitfit consultant can asses a contact issue from multiple points of view, with a bit and bridle as their tool, but not their only tool. 


The entire course takes approximately  a year, depending on your background and the online parts you have done already.


Some subjects:

  • Bit action
  • Bridlefitting practical (theory is the same as the online bridle fitting)
  • Bit and Bridle industry trends 
  • Physical damage caused by bits 
  • The steps of ICPBC bitfit Consulting
  • Anatomy of the horses head and neck advanced
  • TMJ and it's importance
  • TMJ operation and the follow up of a horse with TMD
  • Studies 
  • Head and neck position and the effect on the bit
  • Bithandling
  • Difficult bitfit consulting cases
  • Compensation patterns of the horse and the way it is shown on the bit
  • Rider influence on the contact
  • Severe contact issues
  • And more


We like to point out the ICPBC is independent of any bit brand, not just about bits and instead of many other courses the experience that is shared is from knowledge of treating horses bodywise in combination with changes of the bit. So don't expect just basic info!

The In Barn training 


The Covid challenges us with the practical days. The ICPBC can't be done just online, nor do we offer the online part separately. The good news is, we do now do offer the pre modules and the PBF Professional Bridle Fitting online so when you know travelling is a problem from your country I would advice to start with the PBF or any of the other courses.


When you sign in for the full education you sign for the online and practical.


In The Netherlands the In Barn training will be given in  May 2022 If you have a whole group available in your country we are always willing to travel to your country whenever this is possible.


Subjects of the in Barn part.


  • Hands on practice of learned theories
  • Bitfit Consulting the horse dynamic assessment 
  • Bitfit Consulting the horse static assesment
  • Guest lecturer of veterinarian Henk van der Veen about head and neck pathology
  • Dissection of the horses head ( In The Netherlands)
  • Guest lecturer of dentist about dentistry and the effect on the bit
  • Dissection of the horses head by Henk van der Veen
  • Measuring the rider influence and the effect on the bit (rein tension, saddle pressure etc)
  • Bitfitting difficult cases
  • And more
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