Frequently asked questions

Why is the education more expensive compared to other bitfitting courses?

The ICPBC is not a course but a job education therefore it stands apart due to its unparalleled quality and expertise. Led by the esteemed pioneer in the field, Natascha van Eijk, the course offers a level of knowledge and practical application that is unmatched. Not everybody is aware that the ICPBC was the first bitfitting education worldwide and therefore sets the standard for the highest level of understanding contact issues. This education is so much more than just information about bits. Natascha's extensive experience of years and years in bitfitting, combined with her innovative approach in biomechanics of the horse with her symmetry method ensures that you receive cutting-edge training that goes beyond the basics. The higher cost is a reflection of the invaluable expertise and personalized attention you will receive, setting you on a path to become a certified professional bitfit consultant with industry recognition.

What is the difference in approach of this education compared to all there is to find?

At the ICPBC and PBF we pride ourselves on offering a level of knowledge and expertise than can't be found in books, online sources or typical equestrian courses. ICPBC's approach is deeply rooted in real-life experience of years and years working with the most complicated contact issues. Natascha van Eijk's years of actual experience in bit and bridlefitting but also her horse symmetry method has led to the development of unique bitfitting techniques that have proven to be highly successful. Through her practical experience with countless horses and riders, Natascha has fine- tuned her approach and methodologies, ensuring that you gain insights that are rooted in actual results and tailored to various equestrian needs. Learning from someone with such extensie practical knowledge is an invaluable opportunity that sets this education apart from others. 

Can I enrol the PBF and ICPBC as a beginner with limited equestrian experience?

No, unfortunately you can not enroll the PBF and ICPBC education with limited equestrian experience. Both are job educations. The level of complexity and the high-quality standards of the education require participants to have substantial and relevant equestrian experience. This ensures that all students can fully grasp and benefit from the advanced concepts and practical aspects of bitfitting. 


However we understand your passion for learning and becoming a skilled horse person. To support this journey, we offer a series of nice short online lessons specifically designed to provide essential knowledge of biomechanics. These lessons are aimed at helping individuals like yourself gain a strong foundation in equine anatomy, movement and behaviour, preparing you for maybe future enrolment in the PBF or ICPBC when you have required the necessary experience. We will soon place a link here where you can purchase the short online lessons/

Will I recieve a certfication upon completing the PBF or ICPBC?

Yes upon successfully completing both educations you wil be awarded with a prestigious certification and registration at this website as either a PBF bridle fitter or an ICPBC bitfitconsultant. This certification holds industry recognition and will distinguish you as an expert in the field, opening doors to exciting career opportunities within the equestrian community. 

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