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NVVG Lustrum Speaker 20-21 may 2022

19th and 20th of June 2020 10 year Anniversary congress NVVGP ( Dutch Society for Equine Dentistry)


Given in English, open for veterinarians and dentists worldwide. 

  • Location: van der Valk, Apeldoorn


  • Nick More: How to approach difficult cases. Tooth segmentation and more.
  • Nick Stuckman: Anatomy, aftercare after extraction and more.
  • Nicole du Toit: Investigation of teeth and deciding weather to refer or not.
  • Elke Polaris: Bits in the horses mouth
  • Natascha van Eijk: Bitfitconsulting and the multidisciplinary approach
  • Henk van der Veen: Head and Neck problems and the effect on ridability
  • Patty Stuyver: Research on pain in EORTH

More info: NVVGP.nl

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