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ICPBC International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants the full education. Start september 2023

The start of this education is the first of februari to make it easy to start bitfitting in July for the fanatic ones. Did the starting date already pass but you don't have plans to do the bitfitting and you just want to focus on bridlefitting, so send an email with your request to follow the online. 

The PBF Professional Bridle Fitting education

Special instruction/riding/ treatment and bitfitting programm for horseriders with contact issues.

This is a 4 day training with your own horse, in which we will try to get to the bottom of your contact issue and will help you in several ways.

Max 4 persons

Day 1. Arriving at the barn. Evening Theorie about compensation. Discussing your contact issue with your horse. 

Day 2. Starting assessing the horses in walk and trott on the straight line. Palpating the neck and back.

Riding and bitfitting first 2 horses (2 hours)

Riding and bitfitting second 2 horses (2 hours)

Making a plan per horse how to move on the next 2 days.

Next 2 days can either involve symmetry treatment, lessons mobilising restricted area's on the horse, riding lessons, anything that is needed.

Day 3 Every horse and owner 2 hour private session with what is needed.

Day 4 2 groups of 2 riding or what else needed.


This programm can also be done in any European country, when travelling and stay are payed for next to the programm costs. For more info: info@icpbc.com






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