13 and 14 April 2019 Head and Neck pathology and the influence of the bit on head and neck.

Module open  for veterinarians and students of the ICPBC

Day 1 Head and Neck pathology (Ct scans, case study's) veterinarian Henk van der Veen

Day 2 The influence of the bit on the head and neck Bitfit consultant and horse therapist Natascha van Eijk

Costs Euro 500

Location :Veterinair Clinic de Lingenhoeve

                 veldstraat 3

                 Lienden, the Netherlands

2,3,4 and 5 October 2019 Practical modules Bitfitting.

Besides the teaching which is given in the Online environment there is practical participation requirement necessary to gain experience. After this experience you can use the online again to make participation reports and send in the video's of bit fittings in your own country. These are needed to complete all the modules and become registrated. More info about the full registration you will find in the course catalog.

Location: Depending on the group, details will follow later. We advise a stay close to the Hague or airport Schiphol.