Enrolment for full ICPBC education 


Practical days spoken in English and French. 

It is now possible to study at the ICPBC from all over the world and have a minimum of traveling days. This online part will guide you the whole year and even after you have done the practical days in the Netherlands, you will get our support.  The online consists out of video's, studies, excersizes, send in material, there is a chat function, planning modus, and monthly live webinars.  We offer you more than just bitfitting, we offer a whole body approach from years of experience. ICPBC was the first full education on the area of bitfitting and if you are serieus about the profession, this is the education where you will find what you need. Not just the basics or stuff you can find on the internet. Send us an email if you  would like to have more information or a course catalog and registration form: info@icpbc.com


Only open for the students that are already registrated and are in the online environment. 

  • Assessment of the whole horse
  • Assessment of the head and neck
  • Checking bits on fit in the individual mouth
  • When to choose what kind of bit
  • How does the horse compensate
  • Bitfit consulting: choosing bits with the correct fit for horse and rider
  • Bitfitting snaffles
  • Bitfitting double bridles
  • Bridlefitting single and double bridles 
  • Bitfit Consulting difficult cases: Tongue problems, TMJ disorders, horses that are rehabilitating.
  • Head and neck pathology given by Henk van der Veen (veterinarian) 
  • Dental pathologies (when possible combination with a dissection of the head (depending if we have a horse available) given by one of our guest lecturers (Dentist/Veterinarian

Price: 1500 euro. In the online there is the possibility to registrer.

Prosponed to next year because of the corona virus

19th and 20th of June 2020 10 year Anniversary congress NVVGP ( Dutch Society for Equine Dentistry)


Given in English, open for veterinarians and dentists worldwide. 

  • Location: van der Valk, Apeldoorn


  • Nick More: How to approach difficult cases. Tooth segmentation and more.
  • Nick Stuckman: Anatomy, aftercare after extraction and more.
  • Nicole du Toit: Investigation of teeth and deciding weather to refer or not.
  • Elke Polaris: Bits in the horses mouth
  • Natascha van Eijk: Bitfitconsulting and the multidisciplinary approach
  • Henk van der Veen: Head and Neck problems and the effect on ridability
  • Patty Stuyver: Research on pain in EORTH

More info: NVVGP.nl

Enrollment for ICPBC Vets and Veterinary Dentists special course 

From 19th June  you can register for the full education in a Veterinarian and Dentist group only. This means the program is adjusted to the needs of this professional group. It is a little shorter and has a different price due too leaving out modules about dentistry and head and neck pathology (these can still be followed extra) Besides of course the bit and bridle fitting information, dentist may find the way the ICPBC is assessing the horse quite interesting and useful for their own practice. More info or preregistration email us at: info@icpbc.com 

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