21-22 november 2019 Bitfitting practical and examination

For the international students that started 2018 with the online and finished the practical parts and casestudy.

29 November 2019  Free Webinar 

Introduction in the multidisciplinary approach of bitfit consulting

Time 12:00 in Dutch time

Costs: Free

For: Horseprofessionals only

Spaces: 25 max

Live, so possibility to ask questions. For the link send us an email with your name and background in horses and we will fit you in  info@icpbc.com

30 november 2019 Last possibility to enter the pilot group Online

The pilot group of the full bitfit consultant education does get a discount and an extra online for free. In 2020 the normal prices apply. If you would like to know more, send us an email info@icpbc.com



We only work with horse professionals to keep our standard high. Bitfitting may look like an easy job, but done wrong it could also hurt the horses mouth. Unfortunately there are always fortune seekers in any business that like selling bits above horses welfare. We believe that the love for the horse and improving the horses wellbeing should be number one. We want our students to think the same. If you like to know what other students have to say. Please check our testimonials.


At this moment we are trying to bring the full course to other countries as well. Are you located there and you want to participate. Please contact us. We provide more details soon! 

4 januari 2020 Practical examination Dutch group

Location Wassenaar, individual times will be given by email. First starting time 10:00.  Bitfitting snaffle and double bridle.


23 t/m 27May 2020 Practical part of the course

All the practical modules So module 1/2/3 at once. Only open for the students that are already registrated and are in the online environment. 

  • Assessment of the whole horse
  • Assessment of the head and neck
  • Checking bits on fit in the individual mouth
  • When to choose what kind of bit
  • How does the horse compensate
  • Bitfit consulting: choosing bits with the correct fit for horse and rider
  • Bitfitting snaffles
  • Bitfitting double bridles
  • Bridlefitting single and double bridles 
  • Bitfit Consulting difficult cases: Tongue problems, TMJ disorders, horses that are rehabilitating.
  • Head and neck pathology given by Henk van der Veen (veterinarian) 
  • Dental pathologies (when possible combination with a dissection of the head (depending if we have a horse available) given by one of our guest lecturers (Dentist/Veterinarian

Price: total 1500 euro.