Bridle Fitting course

Unique to this course is the knowledge gained from thousands of horses that were assessed in several contact issues and made enormous improvements by just changing parts of the bridle. It was developed by Natascha van Eijk with help of equine veterinarians and osteopaths for equestrian professionals and others that recognize the importants of a correct bridle fit.


This program begins with creating knowledge of osteology, physiology and neurology of the horses head and neck in the first module.  Knowledge of how a muscles on the horses head and neck develops and how posture of head and neck affects optimal bridle fit. This to make you understand the why horses all differ from each other and why these individual differences are of upmost importance with the right fit of bridle. Why do some horse react on some parts of the bridle and others don't. How come a bridle that looks perfect in fit while the horse is not moving will nog guarantee the succes of the bridle once the horse is moving?


The second part is all about the how parts of the bridle can create more balance and stability and how the bridle relates to what is learned in part one about the anatomy and biomechanics


The third part is where the measurements and evidence of the effect of bridles is shown.


The last part is about the what good bridle fitting is about. The students that have all the info of the former modules have a range of bridle fits and emphasis is on providing the best solution for the individual horse and of course the rider.  In the online part there are examples shown. But of course the best way to  look at the whole horse and rider as a biomechanics combination is also sign in for the practical days or  to follow the anatomical and biomechanics courses that we will offer soon in 2022. These all have there emphasis on improving contact issues. 

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