The ICPBC is a college designed to educate Horse professionals like instructors, saddlefitters, dental technicians and veterinarians in the field of bitfitting. 

The ICPBC was the first to start a college in the field of bitfitting and unique in it's whole body approach. We have developed a one of a kind program that provides students with an exceptional education that not only learns students how to fit a bit but also how a horse compensates in the body when ridden on a uncomfartable bit and the other way arround.

Our goals are:

To share information through the education, the ICPBC magazine and the future ICPBC bitfit consultants.

To better horses welfare when it comes to bitfitting and bithandling.

To promote and undertake research that will help to spread the knowledge and horese welfare.

To encourage and promote dedicated individuals that further the profession of bitfit consultants.


The ICPBC offers courses in May (English) and September (Dutch).


If you are interested in a CPD day or if you just want a bitfitting for a group in your country.  Contact us and we give you all the information you need.