Equine Courses

We are constantly refining our aids to achieve a more harmonious image, faster reaction, better communication, and cooperation with our horse. When a horse tenses up in the neck, it doesn't use its back correctly, resulting in contact issues such as opening the mouth, pulling on the bit, having a frame behind the vertical, or the opposite: stargazing. All these contact issues and their causes are assessed in the courses and education we offer.


The cause of contact issues could be the wrong choice of bit or bridle, but it can also be related to the horse's biomechanics—think of blockages, trauma, and muscle injuries that affect the way a horse moves and reacts to the bit. Don't forget the rider's impact as well.


Previously, knowledge about solving the puzzles of contact issues was hard to find until 2015 when the ICPBC (International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants) started the first worldwide year training on bit-fitting and contact issues. The ICPBC has always been completely independent of any bit brand, so there are no motives other than spreading knowledge and creating more welfare for horses in this world by making you think about choices of bits, bridles, riding styles, and biomechanics.

Due to COVID-19, the traveling and practical days were not easy to plan.


Additionally, since we work with many horse professionals with different backgrounds, it was challenging to get everyone starting at the same level. Therefore, we changed the program, offering the main education: the ICPBC for the really enthusiastic horse professionals that covers bit- and bridle-fitting and solving more complicated contact issues. We also introduced separate pre-modules that can be followed online by a larger group and offered the new PBF (Professional Bridle Fitting) course that can be done online. For more information about the content, how to register, etc., click on the pictures below."

The professional courses with certification:

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