The horses bit: Connecting you and the horse

Even though most of the horse riders communicate with their horse giving aids through a bit. Not much knowledge can be found about the influence of not proper fitted bits. Until now!

Welcome at the ICPBC

The profession of Bitfit Consultant/bitfitter and is fairly new. Like we are used to mobile saddle fitting services, where a saddle is fitted to your horse and you can have trial demonstrations, a bitfitter does the same with all kinds of bits. The primairy goal of the ICPBC is not to sell bits, the primary aim is to make horses more comfortable. The more comfortable the bit is, the better association we will have with the horse. The influence of the bit on the horse is enormous, cause off all the structures attached to the horses tongue and head.  Also the damages by bit and bithandling is enormous and a large step forwards in welfare must be made.

The founder off this program: Natascha van Eijk is at the base of the popularity of bitfitting in Holland. While several years ago no one used a bitfit consultant, it is al becoming quite normal to have the horse checked by a bitfitter in Holland. This is because the results can be more than amazing.

Top class riders using the bitfit consultant (facebook:Bitsymmetrie) noticed the big differences in the performance of their horses. Hind legs that moved more freely under the body, better body-use, more relaxation in the mouth. Hundreds of horses have been bitfitted by the founder and with more experience, more puzzles were solved. The road is long and there's always a lot to learn but for the sake of welfare of the horse, knowledge and experience should be shared.

This is how the initiative came for a college learning you about bitfitting from a whole body approach. The whole education will take a year. A Professional ICPBC Bitfit Consultant knows more than the basics of the anatomy of the horses mouth, they know about the biomechanics of the horse, relevant osteopatic, cranio sacral insights and the pro and disadvantages of all sort of bits used in varies disciplines.

Questions like Why does a horse pull up his tongue? Wat has ridingmethod to do with bitting problems? How does a horse compensate in the mouth? How to asses tongueproblems? How do i choose the correct bit? What is correct bridle fitting? will be answered and much more.