The bit: Connecting you and the horse

Even though most of the horse riders communicate with their horse giving aids through a bit. Not much knowledge can be found about the influence of not proper fitted bits. Until now! 

Welcome at the ICPBC

The profession of Bitfit Consultants: the experts on bit connection is a fairly new profession for countries outside the Netherlands. Like we are used to mobile saddle fitting services, where a saddle is customized to your horse a ICPBC Bitfit Consultant  / Bitfitter is customizing your bridle and bit by looking at the whole picture: so the individual horses mouth, the biomechanics of the horse, the rider etc  with the aim to make horses more comfortable. The head of the horse and especially the structures attached to the horses tongue are way overlooked when it comes to the influence of the horses posture and biomechanics. And a well fitted bit can make your horse move so much better. 

Learn all you need to know about bit's bridles and the influence on the horses body and biomechanics.

The founder of this program Natascha van Eijk is at the base of the popularity of bitfitting in the Netherlands. Top class riders using a bitfit consult (Facebook Bitsymmetrie) noticed enormous differences in the performance of their horses. Hind legs that moved more freely under the body, better use of body, more relaxation in the mouth. Hundreds of horses have been bitfitted by the founder and with more experience more puzzles were solved. Unique in her approach is the combination between bit fitting a horse and using her unique symmetry method (osteopathic manipulations, jack meagher massage, dry needling and cranio sacral therapy)

The only College where you find the knowledge from years of experience with bit fitting combined with treatments of horses

The ICPBC learns you about bitfitting from a whole body approach. The whole education will take a year. A professional ICPBC bitfit consultant knows more than the basics of the anatomy of the horses mouth. They know about the biomechanics of the horse, relevant osteopathic, muscle therapy insights and the pro and disadvantages of all sort of bits used in varies disciplines.

One of the chief benefits of the College Internationally is dat (only) students from abroad can follow the program partly online. All the modules theorie and practical need to be followed to pass the exam and become a certificated ICPBC Bitfit Consultant.  Students can log in to their module at home or any other location with Internet access at a time of day that suits them.

Unique is our partly online program for international students.

The modules can be followed separately or only in a whole course, depending on the country where you are from. Please contact us. 

At this moment we are planning a modular program in Italy and an English version in the Netherlands