Register of qualified graduates

In this register you will find all our qualified graduates, recognisable of the ICPBC logo under their names. You will also find students that are still in training with i.o. behind their names and names in yellow. After finishing their practical, theory examination and case study these students will also get their logo. They need to succeed in all their examinations. If they failed two times they will not be on the list anymore, this to keep the standards high and horse owners know whom to choose.

The Netherlands

Nicole van Dishoeck

ICPBC bitfit consultant, cranio sacral therapist, judge, trainer

Regio Noord Brabant, Utrecht, Zuid-Holland

Tel: 06-53438093

The Netherlands

Kristel van Duren-Bodewes

ICPBC bitfit consultant, judge, grand prix rider, trainer

Regio Gelderland/Overijssel/Flevoland

Tel: 06-23688481

The Netherlands

Chrissy Fens

ICPBC bitfit consultant, judge, trainer

woonplaats Rotterdam

tel: 06-14033710

The Netherlands

Astrid Hoppenbrouwers

ICPBC bitfit consultant, rehabilitation specialist, behavioural specialist, owner rehabilitation centre

Woonplaats: Zoeterwoude


The Netherlands

Ursula Ilmer

ICPBC bitfit consultant, cranio sacral, massage therapist, medical taping, trainer

Tel: 06-41257492

Regio Noord- Brabant, Zuid- Holland, Zeeland

The Netherlands

Linda Mulder

ICPBC bitfit consultant, massage and lymfe therapist, trainer, official steward, co examinator practical exams

Regio: Noord-Brabant, Gelderland, Zuid-Holland

Tel: 0613243817

The Netherlands

Dominique Nijssen 


ICPBC bitfit consultant, massage therapist

Regio: Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Zuid- Holland

Tel: 06-51756650

The Netherlands

Carolien Reverdink

ICPBC bitfit consultant, grand Prix rider, trainer and judge

Regio: Utrecht, Gelderland, Brabant


The Netherlands

Elsemiek van Schaverbeke

ICPBC bitfit consultant, trainer 

Regio: Gelderland, Overijssel, Flevoland, Friesland

Tel: 0613804351

The Netherlands

Pamela Stuurman

ICPBC bitfit consultant, cranio sacral/massage therapist, judge

Regio: Zuid-Holland,Utrecht, Zeeland, Brabant

Tel: 0613453989 

The Netherlands

Renate Tolenaars 



ICPBC bitfit consultant, trainer, cranio sacral therapist

Regio: Brabant, Zeeland, Belgie

Tel: 06-46352018

The Netherlands

Jacqueline Wildemans

ICPBC bitfit consultant, grand Prix rider, trainer

Regio: Gelderland, Zuid-Holland, Noord Brabant

Tel: 0620064520

The Netherlands



Stefanija Pankova

ICPBC bitfit consultant, veterinarian, rehabiliation specialist, equine behaviour specialist and trainer




Anna Minogue

ICPBC bitfit consultant, Equine dentist

Phone: + 61 407 689 155


Melissa Denton


Emmet therapist and bodyworker

Enhanced Equine Performance

Phone: +61417783070