ICPBC coming to Australia

Welcome tot this specialised page dedicated to individuals interested in the PBF bridle fitting and ICPBC bitfit education. At the ICPBC I strive to provide an education that has a focus on ensuring the comfort and well-being of horses, through proper equipment fitting. 


Due to an overwhelming number of inquiries from Australia, I made this special page to already give you the information you might be emailing me for. Sometimes I don't even know how to get the time to answer all questions. So if I didn't email you back yet, know that I am very fast with what's app: 0031(625301746). I'm travelling this summer to Poland and I have people coming from all over the world all the time, for educational purposes but also to have their horses bit and bridle fitted. Most of you might not know that I also train Grand Prix dressage riders to solve certain contact issues, or just to train from a more biomechanical perspective. 


Currently I am limiting admission to the PBF bridle fitting course , for those that are just interested in the bridlefitting but not the bitfitting. I like clarity for people that call bitfit consultants from the website. If people see PBF combined with another bitfitting education this might diffuse the clarity. I don't want PBF graduates tell their clients they also do bit fittings and clients assuming that this is also learned at the ICPBC. I do welcome people from other educations as long as they want to go in dept in the more biomechanical approach of bridle fitting ànd bitfitting. So the PBF can only be used for entering the ICPBC. So you sign up for both.


PBF and ICPBC certifications represent the gold standard in equine bridle and bitfitting. Even the ones that where the first to train at the ICPBC will need to catch up again with the biomechanical and even more in depth information that is trained in the now 2 programs. If you want to find a graduate that is most up to date look for someone that has done both educations. It is about becoming a specialist in contact issues. PBF and ICPBC recognise the logistical challenge of attending both programs and I'm excited to announce that end this year, the educations will be held in Australie offering a unique opportunity for practical training. If you are all up for that!! This will be Oktober/November 2025


Enrolling in both the PBF and ICPBC education not only qualifies you for a hughe amount of knowledge about bits and bridles but also about techniques to loosen fascia that is important for solving contact issues, trigger point therapie, bodywork, dentistry and how to train your horse to keep a nice connection. Our curriculum goes beyond simple bit changes; it's about understanding equine anatomy, recognising lameness issues and mastering advanced fitting techniques.


If you have serious interest in our programs, please fill out the attached form and submit it. Once recieved we will schedule a Zoom meeting to personally get acquainted and discuss your goals and aspirations in detail. 


Are you a dressage rider and want to join the riding clinics specialised on the biomechanics of your individual horse, I will make a special page for that soon, with a demonstration lesson.


If you already want to dive in to the PBF program, fill in your email and you can download the newest coursecatalog

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